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How to Stay Connected in Your Long Distance Relationship

Dec 07,2023 | Akisexpress

Long distance relationships can be incredibly fulfilling, but also challenging. Being geographically separated from your partner means you have to be extra intentional to stay intimately connected. From scheduling virtual dates to sending snail mail surprises, it takes creativity and effort to build closeness when you can't be physically together. But strong bonds can absolutely withstand the miles when nurtured.

Make the Most of Technology for Regular Virtual Dates

Leverage technology to your advantage for frequent face-to-face time with your long distance love. Video chatting should be non-negotiable. Set up regular virtual dates, whether it's a quick daily check-in or a more immersive weekly dinner date. Treat these digital rendezvous with the same importance as in-person dates. Dress up, pour a glass of wine, cook the same meal “together” - whatever helps you feel fully present with each other.

Surprise Each Other with Thoughtful Care Packages and Snail Mail

Receiving a handwritten love letter or care package with gifts that remind you of shared memories is extra special when you’re in a long distance relationship. These physical reminders say “I’m thinking of you” in a way texts simply can't. Mail each other photos, inside jokes, playlists, greeting cards, snacks from your hometowns - anything to make your partner smile.

Use a Shared Calendar to Track Milestones

Having upcoming visits, important events, and relationship milestones marked on a calendar you both can view allows you to watch your future plans unfold together. This helps nurture a sense of connection and shared hopes even when apart. A calendar also enables you to hold each other accountable as you work towards ultimately reuniting.

Inject Playfulness and Positivity Into Communication

When you have limited time to connect from afar, make your communication feel meaningful. Inject playfulness through video chatting while walking through nature or playing virtual games like Scrabble together. Fall asleep together on the phone to feel connected before bed. Laugh, share, and be fully present, even if only for a few minutes.

Support Each Other’s Growth Outside the Relationship

Just because you’re in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean personal growth and independence should stall. Encourage each other's separate interests, friendships, and autonomy. You’ll have more to share about your lives when you reconnect. Plus, mutual trust and respect for your individual lives will only strengthen your bond.

Keep Intimacy Alive Through Creative Longing

Physical and sexual intimacy is challenging long distance, but crucial. Stay bonded by sending flirty texts, falling asleep together on video chat, and scheduling digital date nights to dress up and get frisky over the phone or screen. Explore ways to cultivate emotional and sexual closeness from afar.

Share a Vision of Your Future Together

Having light at the end of the tunnel makes the wait easier. Talk about your endgame - whether it’s permanently closing the gap or a short term reunion. When you remind each other this separation is temporary, the long distance feels surmountable. A shared vision of your future together keeps you committed.

Long distance relationships not only work, but can thrive by maximizing intimacy and connection from afar. With intentionality, vulnerability, creativity, and hope, you can defy the miles between you. Your bond can withstand anything when you nurture it in meaningful ways.