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11 Sweet Ways to Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

Dec 07,2023 | Akisexpress

Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging, but there are so many creative ways to keep the spark alive, even from miles away. With a bit of planning and effort, you can find fun activities, romantic gestures, and thoughtful communication methods to help you and your partner feel bonded despite the physical distance between you.

Have Regular Virtual Date Nights

Set aside time for special virtual date nights with your partner. Cook the same meal while video chatting, have a movie night by hitting play at the same time, or relax in the bath together over FaceTime. Getting dressed up and being fully present during your virtual dates makes them feel special.

Send Snail Mail Love Letters

There's something so romantic about receiving handwritten love letters in the mail from your partner. The extra effort of mailing a card or letter sprayed with your perfume or cologne adds an extra romantic layer. Surprise them by sending snail mail for no occasion at all!

Bond Over New Hobbies and Classes

Taking a virtual class together or starting a new hobby you can share helps you feel connected through a mutual experience. Consider a virtual cooking class, online book club, language lessons, craft tutorials or more. Learning and growing together keeps your bond strong.

Share Music Playlists and Performances

Music is such an emotional connector between people. Make shared playlists on Spotify with songs that remind you of your partner or special moments together. Sing or play an instrument for them over video chat to create intimate musical memories.

Explore Each Other's Worlds with Video Tours

Feel included in each other's lives by swapping video tours of your homes, neighborhoods, and favorite local spots. It's a thoughtful way to explore each other's worlds when you can't physically be together.

Schedule Video Intimacy Dates

Physical intimacy is important for couples, even from afar. Schedule regular video intimacy dates like a sexy bath time chat session. Set boundaries and get creative with finding intimate ways to connect through the screen.

Surprise Each Other with Gifts and Food Delivery

Everyone loves surprises! Spontaneously send a gift box full of their favorite things or have their favorite food delivered when they're having a bad day. These thoughtful gestures keep the romance alive.

Bond Over Games and Friendly Competition

Playing games together online is a fun way to stay connected, unwind, and spark some friendly competition. Try multiplayer games, virtual escape rooms, classic games like chess, or a couples trivia night!

Post Printed Photos for Snail Mail Surprises

Print out some favorite photos of you together, a screenshot of a funny text convo, or a cute selfie and pop it in the mail as a surprise gift. A printed photo they can hold and touch makes your absence feel a little less far away.

Share Favorite Childhood Stories and Memories

Since you likely have more quality talking time than active dates, use some of it to share childhood stories and really get to know the details that shaped each other into who you are. Bond over your differences and similarities.

Always Have Your Next Meeting on the Calendar

Make concrete plans for your next in-person visit, whether it's meeting halfway for a weekend getaway or planning a trip to each other's hometowns. Having the next time you'll reunite to look forward to keeps your bond strong when life is busy.

No matter how you choose to nurture your long distance love, creativity and effort will keep your relationship thriving across the miles. Stay present during your digital dates, make communication a priority, and remind your partner just how much they mean to you with thoughtful words and gestures.