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What is the Most Romantic Thing in a Long Distance Relationship?

Dec 06,2023 | Akisexpress

Creative Ways My Friend Can Keep the Spark Alive from Afar

My best friend recently started dating someone long-distance. She wants to keep the romance alive across the miles. She asked me: what’s the most romantic thing you can do in a long distance relationship?

While it presents challenges, there are many creative ways to woo your love from afar. Here are my top romantic tips to stir the passion in her new relationship.

Snail Mail Love Letters

In an age of instant digital communication, receiving heartfelt love letters in the mail is deeply romantic.

  • Handwrite multi-page letters pouring out your feelings. Decorating with stickers or including small mementos adds a personal touch.
  • Spray letters lightly with your signature scent. This adds sensory impact.
  • Mail a sealed envelope labeled “Open when...” with specific instructions for when to read.

The time and care that goes into crafting a bona fide love letter conveys romance in a lasting way.

Create a Customized Care Package

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a handpicked gift box. Tailor it to your partner’s unique interests.

  • Include their favorite treats and snacks, small trinkets that are inside jokes, photos of you together, ticket stubs from your first date, a homemade playlist - get creative!
  • Ship as a surprise just because or for a special occasion. Seeing a box of curated gifts on their doorstep will thrill them.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt Date

Set up an exciting at-home scavenger hunt date over video chat.

  • Create a themed hunt with clues directing them to various items. Romantic themes could be “Reasons I Love You” or “Down Memory Lane”.
  • Take turns presenting clues and revealing items once found.
  • Spring the hunt as a surprise date activity or exchange clues over a week.

It’s playful romance you can share from afar!

Book Flights to Reunite

Few things beat reuniting in person. Booking a trip to see each other reminds you that your separation is only temporary.

  • Mark your calendars for upcoming visits to count down together. Research things to do during your precious time together.
  • Make reunion trips extra romantic with stays at cozy bed and breakfasts or couples massages.
  • Splurge on first class tickets to increase comfort and excitement.
  • Extend trips by taking off work Friday and Monday to maximize your time.

Having the next rendezvous on the horizon will rekindle your romance.

Fill Their Space with Flowers

Imagine their delight arriving home to find their place filled with bouquets of their favorite flowers.

  • Have flowers delivered when they least expect it - even not on a holiday or birthday, just to express your love.
  • Include sweet notes like “I wish I could hand these to you” or inside jokes only they would understand.
  • Research local florists and order unique arrangements you couldn’t grab at the grocery store.

Surprise blooms are a universally romantic gesture, despite the miles apart!

Frame Printed Photos

Curate your best couple’s photos, print them out, frame them beautifully, and mail them an evocative gallery wall.

  • Choose photos spanning your relationship - first date, meeting each other’s families, vacations, big events.
  • Mount in a mix of frame sizes and styles. Include a larger centerpiece print.
  • They’ll happily hang your artistic gift, keeping your memories front and center.

Recreate Important Dates

Recreate meaningful dates virtually. Relive the activities, food, music, and ambiance.

  • Order takeout from the same restaurant you ate at on your first date. Dress up, set the mood with candles and music, and enjoy it “together” over video.
  • For anniversary celebrations, purchase the same wine, watch the same film, and reminisce over video call.
  • Send the same flowers or gift you gave them early on. Add a note about how you’d do it all again!

Get nostalgic reliving pivotal romantic moments from your relationship.

Overall Tips

  • Rely on snail mail for handwritten love notes and care packages. The personalized effort is romantic.

  • Lean into technology like video dates and online flower orders to bridge the gap.

  • Recreate memorable moments from your relationship virtually. Nostalgia is romantic.

  • Splurge on reunions, gifts and surprises to convey your unwavering devotion.

With thoughtfulness and creativity, you can keep passion burning bright, even from miles away!