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Was Your 5+ Year Long-Distance Relationship Worth It?

Dec 05,2023 | Akisexpress

 My Best Friend's Story and Advice on Making Long-Distance Work

Sustaining a long-distance relationship for years isn’t easy. My best friend was in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend for over 5 years while they lived on opposite coasts. I witnessed their ups and downs firsthand and was impressed they made it work. Now that they finally live in the same place, I had to ask her: Was it all worth it in the end? Here’s her story and advice on navigating long-term long-distance love.

The Beginnings of a Long-Distance Romance

My best friend met her boyfriend at college in California. They fell in love fast and hard, only to have their relationship challenged when she moved to New York after graduation. But they weren’t ready to break up. Though the distance was daunting, they both felt like they had found “the one” and didn’t want to let go.

So they made a pact to stay together long-distance, reunite when they could, and visualize their future in the same location someday. Their shared hope of ending up in the same place enabled them to get through years apart.

The Struggles of Being Far Apart

Being a continent away for over 5 years wasn’t easy. My friend struggled with missing her boyfriend and felt the distance acutely during special occasions. Milestones like birthdays, holidays and Valentine’s Day were especially tough. Even simple things like cuddling on the couch or grabbing dinner together were impossible.

She sometimes questioned if staying together was the right choice when there were so many eligible singles in New York City. Doubt, loneliness and envy of local couples crept in at times. Her boyfriend dealt with the same feelings.

But they knew splitting up would be giving up on someone they considered their soulmate. As my friend put it, “Long-distance makes the simplest things hard, but breaking up seemed harder. I couldn’t imagine losing him.”

Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Despite the struggles, my friend and her boyfriend managed to date long-distance for over 5 years. It took real commitment and effort. Here are some of their tips:

  • Communicate frequently - They talked on the phone, video chatted and texted multiple times a day. Constant communication kept them involved in each other’s daily lives.

  • Schedule regular visits - Every 2-3 months, they booked trips to see each other. Having the next visit on the calendar gave them something to look forward to.

  • Make visits special - Whether together for a weekend or 2 weeks, they went on dates, took trips, focused completely on one another. Quality time strengthened their bond.

  • Discuss the future - Keeping a shared vision of their future together as motivation helped get through rough patches.

  • Trust and compromise - They compromised on things like social situations with other singles and trusted each other fully. Absolute trust was essential.

Was It All Worth It in the End?

After over 5 years of being long-distance, my best friend and her boyfriend finally live in the same city again. While aspects were painfully difficult, she says without hesitation that it was all worth it.

Even after being physically reunited, they feel their emotional connection is stronger than ever after weathering the long-distance storms. The mutual commitment, patience and trust required to sustain their romance across the miles forged an unbreakable bond.

My friend believes that “if you find someone worth fighting for, don’t let distance alone break you apart. True love is worth the extra effort.”

Her advice to anyone in a similar situation: “Focus on your desire to be together in the end. Share your hopes and dreams. The finishing line where you get to be in the same place will keep you going on the hardest days.”

After watching their story unfold, I’m amazed at the success of their 5+ year long-distance relationship. It can be done with open communication, unshakeable trust in each other, and unwavering belief that your love is powerful enough to conquer any amount of miles separating you.