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Unlocking The Taboo: Wearing a Vibrating Butt Plug in Public

Oct 27,2023 | Akisexpress

Wearing a Vibrating Butt Plug in Public

Do you harbor a craving for thrilling, secret pleasure during your everyday outings? The idea of discreetly wearing a vibrating butt plug in public can add an electrifying spark to your life. Rest assured, this doesn't mean flaunting it for all to see – that might not end well. Instead, we're talking about slipping it under your clothes, creating an alluring secret known only to you (or, if you desire, shared with your partner).

Why Choose a Vibrating Butt Plug for Public Play?

People are drawn to the excitement of wearing a vibrating butt plug in public for various reasons. Here's why it's worth exploring:

  1. Extended Tease: Vibrating butt plugs offer a unique blend of fullness and subtle stimulation that's perfect for prolonged wear, keeping you in a constant state of arousal.

  2. Unique Sensation: They can be a thrilling addition to your sex life, inviting bedroom energy out into the world.

  3. Anal Prep: If you're gearing up for an adventurous night of anal play with a well-endowed partner, wearing a butt plug in public can help you prepare and adjust your comfort.

  4. Universal Pleasure: Regardless of gender, anyone can enjoy the delights of public butt plug play. These versatile toys offer heightened sensation, making it easier to reach orgasm or experience intense pleasure.

Safety and Preparation for Public Butt Plug Play

Now, before you head out into the world wearing your vibrating butt plug, let's cover some essential steps:

  1. Lubrication: Always use a generous amount of water-based lubricant, especially if your plug is made of silicone.

  2. Practice at Home: Start by wearing your butt plug at home for extended periods to get comfortable with the sensation.

  3. Sitting Practice: Get used to sitting and moving around with your plug inserted to ensure it stays in place.

  4. Start Small: If you're new to butt plugs, begin with a smaller size than you'd use during sexual activities.

Tips for Safe Public Wear

As you venture into the exciting world of public butt plug play, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a plug slightly smaller than your usual size to prevent slipping.
  • Opt for supportive underwear or even a harness to help keep the plug in place.
  • Start with short trips close to home to allow for adjustments or removal if needed.
  • Limit initial public wear to 20-30 minutes to gauge comfort levels.
  • Create a discreet "butt plug kit" with sex toy wipes, additional lube, and a plastic bag for storage.
  • Reapply lube if necessary to reduce friction or discomfort.
  • Always remove the plug if it becomes painful or uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

Selecting the Right Vibrating Butt Plug for Public Adventures

When choosing a vibrating butt plug for public play, look for the following features:

  • T-Bar Base: Ensures safety and comfort, preventing the plug from going too far inside.

  • Wide Body and Narrow Neck: These features keep the plug in place during various activities.

  • Non-Porous Materials: Opt for body-safe materials like silicone for flexibility and comfort.

  • Quiet Vibrations: For discretion in public, seek a vibrating butt plug with hushed vibrations. Consider models with smartphone apps or remote controls for added secrecy.

Recommended Vibrating Butt Plugs for Public Play:

  1. Most Comfortable - Vibrating Butt Plugs for Unisex: Designed for extended wear, these weighted plugs offer comfort and security with a flatter tip, flexible narrow neck, and a T-bar base to prevent slipping. Available in various sizes.

  2. Best Vibrating - Women: An app-controlled butt plug that provides powerful yet discreet vibrations. Ideal for public play, its innovative design includes a corkscrew neck detail. You can connect it to your smartphone or your partner's for exciting power play.

Aftercare and Toy Maintenance

To prolong the life of your vibrating butt plug and maintain good hygiene, practice proper aftercare. Clean your toy with mild soap and warm water before and after each use, allowing it to air dry. Store it safely, separated from your other toys, in a clean, dry place.

Wearing a vibrating butt plug in public is a thrilling adventure that can add a tantalizing secret to your everyday life. Embrace the excitement, prioritize your comfort and discretion, and embark on an enjoyable journey into uncharted territory. Remember, this experience should be pleasurable for both you and your partner, so take it at your own pace and enjoy the ride.


Final: Embarking on Your Public Play Adventure

Before heading out for some thrilling public play, set some ground rules with your partner. Discuss your boundaries and comfort levels to ensure a pleasurable experience.