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Tail Butt Plugs: A Guide to Care and Maintenance

Oct 19,2023 | Akisexpress

Tail butplugg, often referred to as 'rear adornments,' offer a unique and pleasurable experience. However, these distinctive intimate accessories demand special care to ensure they stay in top condition and keep you safe during your exciting adventures.

Bidding Farewell to Factory Odors

When you acquire a brand-new 'rear adornment,' the first step is eliminating any lingering factory odors. But the deodorizing process isn't just a one-time thing; your tail butt plugs can develop odors over time, including those of a more personal nature. Here's how to maintain a fresh assplug tail:

  • Frequent Cleansing: Consistent cleaning is your best weapon against odors. Though silicone is largely non-porous, it can still trap odors in its micro-pores. Regular cleaning helps prevent these odors from building up.

  • Boiling Technique: Many high-quality silicone 'rear adornments' can be safely boiled. This method deploys high temperatures to eradicate bacteria and sterilize the plug, eliminating odors.

  • Cooking Method: Some tail butt plugs are designed to withstand a special cooking process, which can effectively eliminate odors. However, exercise caution and always follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

  • Dishwasher Cycle: For dishwasher-friendly 'rear adornments,' opt for a sterilizing cycle, and run it separately from other items. Always confirm that this method aligns with your plug's specific care instructions.

  • Supplementary Solutions: If stubborn odors persist, consider supplementary cleaning methods, such as employing baking soda in a boiling mixture or gently wiping the surface with acetone or nail polish remover.

Preserving the Fluffiness of Your Tail Plug

Caring for your anal but plug tail isn't limited to the plug itself. Proper maintenance of the tail enhances the overall experience and the plug's longevity. To keep that tail looking its best:

  • Post-Play Cleansing: Just like the plug, be sure to wash the tail after each use and allow it to dry thoroughly.

  • Brushing Technique: With time, tails may lose some of their fluffiness. Gently brush them to restore their initial appearance, taking care not to damage the tail.

Cleaning Your Special 'Rear Adornments'

Regular cleaning is crucial for the health of your intimate accessories. This is especially true when it comes to tail butt plugs. It's vital due to the presence of bacteria typically found inside the anus. Here are some tips:

  • Porous vs. Non-Porous Materials: The cleaning procedure hinges on the material of your plug. Non-porous materials like glass, steel, or silicone are easier to clean. Porous materials, such as rubber, jelly, TPE/TPR, and wood, are less recommended due to their ability to trap bacteria.

  • Cleaning Process: Employ warm soapy water and a cloth to clean your 'rear adornment' comprehensively, addressing all areas. Some non-porous plugs can endure more rigorous cleaning methods, like boiling, oven cooking, or dishwasher usage, provided these techniques are endorsed in your plug's care instructions.

  • Specialized Cleaning Aids: For those who crave pristine hygiene, specialized sex toy cleaning fluids are available. These products claim to be designed to eliminate germs effectively. While results can vary, they might be worth considering for the hygiene-conscious.

Ensuring a Dry Tail

After cleaning, it's vital to ensure your plugs are completely dry before stowing them away. Storing wet or damp plugs can result in unwelcome mold and lingering odors. Dry your 'rear adornment' with towels, kitchen roll, or by leaving it to air out.

Storing Your Unique 'Rear Adornments'

Proper storage is essential to maintaining the quality of your intimate accessories. Certain materials can react to sunlight, heat, or even to each other. Therefore, you must adhere to these guidelines:

  • Separate Storage: Keep your 'rear adornments' in separate bags and store them in a cool, dry place. High shelves can be a discreet choice to preserve your privacy.

  • Caring for Tails: When storing tails, handle them carefully to ensure they don't become folded or misshapen, which could affect their appearance.

By adhering to these care and maintenance guidelines, you can relish your tail butt plugs with peace of mind, knowing that they are safe, clean, and ready for your next exhilarating adventure.