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How to Quickly Stay Connected in a Long-Distance Relationship

Dec 06,2023 | Akisexpress

Easy Ways for My BFF to Feel Close Even When Apart

My best friend recently started a long-distance relationship. While exciting, she’s struggling to adjust to living in different states and wanting to stay connected. She asked me for quick tips to feel close to her new boyfriend despite the distance. Here’s the advice I shared on maintaining intimacy through brief but meaningful contact daily.

Send Good Morning/Good Night Texts

One of the simplest ways to feel connected first thing and before bed is sending good morning and good night texts.

Wake up to a sweet message from your love to start the day on a positive note. End the night by reflecting on favorite moments together.

Keep these short and sweet. "Thinking of you" and "dream of you tonight" go a long way.

Trade Selfies

Seeing each other’s faces throughout the day is huge. Snap casual selfies doing daily activities.

Caption the photos. Share little moments like your lunch break, walk in the park, or browsing in a store.

Glimpses into daily life make you feel present together even when apart.

Email Highlights

Email a quick recap of highlights from your day. What were the 1-3 best or funniest things that happened?

Summarize the key moments you want to share rather than giving every detail.

Leave it open-ended with a question so they reply back with their own high points.

Talk During Commutes

Take advantage of periods in motion to connect. Chat while:

  • Walking the dog
  • Driving to work
  • Waiting in line

Having phone dates during built-in pockets of free time maximizes your minutes together.

Schedule Video Coffee Breaks

Take a real coffee break together over video chat. Set a recurring 15 minute slot for a virtual coffee date.

Sip your drinks, banter back and forth, and exchange smiles. Feel like you’re together, if only quick.

Do Video House Tours

Give each other virtual tours of your living space using video. Pan the camera slowly around each room.

Narrate details like new furniture, decor, and funny stories about your weird lamp or plant.

It makes you feel at home in each other’s daily environments.

Watch A Quick Show

Pick a 20 minute comedy show to stream together simultaneously. Count down to press play at the same time.

Text reactions and funny commentary as you watch. Laugh together, apart.

Play “Would You Rather”

Spark fun banter by texting would you rather questions.

Make up silly or thoughtful scenarios: Would you rather eat cake or pie for your birthday? Would you rather have unlimited money or love?

Keeps conversation lighthearted during brief chats.

Overall Tips

  • Identify pockets of time like commutes or breaks to connect briefly.

  • Take advantage of technology like texts, selfies, video.

  • Be present and attentive, even if only chatting for a few minutes.

  • Share highlights, sights and smiles to feel involved in each other’s day.

Little moments of contact go far, especially early in a long-distance relationship. With creativity and intention, you can stay connected through quick but meaningful check-ins daily.