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10 different distance relationship poems

Dec 05,2023 | Akisexpress

 Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but separation from a loved one can still be difficult. This collection of 10 different distance relationship poems explores the many emotions of being physically apart from someone you love. From longing and waiting to finding strength in your enduring bond, these poems encapsulate the bittersweet nature of long distance love. Though miles may lie between you and your partner, these poems reflect that true connection cannot be broken by distance alone. Let these poignant verses give voice to feelings of missing your love as well as the hope that you'll reunite. Whether you are dealing with separation yourself or know someone who is, you're sure to find a poem in this collection that resonates.

1. The Miles Between Us

Your love still reaches though you are far away 
Distance cannot keep our hearts apart
Though miles separate us physically each day
In spirit we are never truly apart


2. Oceans Apart But Together In Heart
Vast oceans between us, many a mile 
Yet your love sails across to fill me
Distance cannot break our bond, our style
Together in heart is how we'll always be

3. Longing For Your Touch
I ache to feel your tender kiss 
To hold you close and share a warm embrace  
But you're so far, I sorely miss
The joy of seeing your beloved face

4. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
You're gone but not forgotten, your memory stays
Time apart makes me love you more each day 
Distance cannot diminish the feeling that plays
In my heart for you though you are away

5.Counting Down The Days 
Another day without you, the wait prolongs
But counting down helps the time pass along
Knowing soon in each other's arms we'll belong
Gives me strength until reunited before long

6. My Heart Travels The Miles To You
Though we are apart, my heart beats just for you
It crosses any distance to be by your side  
No space can keep my love from being true
In spirit with you, though many miles divide

7. Waiting For Your Return
Nights are long when we sleep apart 
I dream of when we will reunite 
Distance cannot break our bonded hearts
I'm waiting eagerly for you, my light 

8. Together In Dreams
Asleep I visit you in my dreams at night
We stroll together lost in sweet reverie
No distance can keep us apart when unite
In slumber's realm, just you and me 

9. Far But Not Forgotten
The miles stretch far yet you stay near
In my heart and thoughts throughout the day
Distance cannot interfere or smear
My love for you though you are away

10. Long Distance Love   
However many miles keep us apart
Our hearts still beat as one though we're apart
No distance can tear our love apart
For ours is a long distance love of the heart