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Trouble with Discovery

Dec 08,2023 | Akisexpress

1. I'm seeing profiles I've swiped on before

You may see someone again if they deleted and rejoined, or if you were swiping with a poor connection.

2. Profiles are far away

If some matches are far, possible reasons:

Passport - They may be using Passport to view your area. Also, subscribers who recently visited another city may see people from there for 24 hrs after changing location back. Only subscribers can change location.

Discovery Settings - We may surface some farther matches that we still think are worth an exception. To check your distance preference: tap your profile > Settings > Discovery > Maximum Distance.

If you think it's a technical issue, try:

Logging out and back in: Tap your profile > Settings > Logout
Deleting and reinstalling the app

3. Profiles don't match my preferences

If this just started, double check your search settings:

Open Akisexpress
Tap your profile
Go to Settings
Check Discovery Settings
If all looks good, try logging out and back into Akisexpress.

4. Grant access to location

To use Akisexpress, you'll need to enable location access:


Open iOS Settings
Scroll to Akisexpress
Tap Location
Select While Using the App

Open Settings
Apps > Akisexpress
Select Permissions > Location
Choose Only While Using the App

This varies by browser and platform.

Chrome Desktop:

Click More > Settings
Privacy & Security
Site Settings > Location
Allow Akisexpress access
Safari Desktop:

Click Safari
Preferences > Websites
Location > Select Akisexpress > Allow
Safari iOS:

Ensure not in private browsing
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari
Enable Safari location access
Firefox Desktop:

Click icon by URL > Permissions > Location