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30-day postage paid returns 30-day postage paid returns

Security FAQs

Dec 08,2023 | Akisexpress

Security FAQs

Report a bug or vulnerability

To report security vulnerabilities or learn about our security practices, visit our security page.

If your concern is specific to your own account (e.g. you think it's compromised), please contact our customer support team instead of security. Support can be reached anytime.

I think my account was hacked

If you notice suspicious activity like unauthorized messages or photos, here are some tips to secure your account:

Facebook login

If you think your Facebook account was compromised, visit Facebook's Help Center for support.

Phone number login

To login with your number, we require SMS verification for security. If someone tried accessing your account, they couldn't login without the SMS code sent to your phone. Never share these codes.

Need more help?

Contact our support team with details so we can assist you. Describe the full situation so we can provide the help you need.