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Safety Tips

Dec 08,2023 | Akisexpress

Online Safety

- Never send money or share financial info, even if requested in an emergency. Wiring money can't be reversed. Never share any info that could access your accounts. Report any requests for money immediately.

some advice from the U.S Federal Trade Commission on FTC

- Avoid sharing personal details like your address, routine, or kids' info with strangers. Limit kid details on your profile. 

- Keep conversations on the Akisexpress platform initially. Bad actors often try to quickly move off the app. 

- Be wary of long-distance or overseas relationships, especially if asked for financial help to travel. Avoid anyone refusing to video chat or rushing into a serious relationship.

- Report any suspicious behavior, underage users, harassment, inappropriate meetups, scams, spam, etc. You can report from any profile or message window.

- Pick a strong password and be cautious logging in from public devices. Akisexpress will never email asking for your login info - report such emails.

Meeting in Person  

- Take your time getting to know someone before meeting up. Ask questions to screen for any red flags. Consider a video call first.

- Meet in a public place the first few times - never at a private home. End the date if pressured to go somewhere private.

- Tell friends/family your plans and when/where you're going. Have your phone charged and with you.

- Be in control of transportation so you can leave whenever you want. Have a backup plan like a rideshare app or friend.

- Be aware of how drugs/alcohol affect you. Don't let a date pressure you to use more than you're comfortable with.

- Know where your drink comes from and watch it at all times. Don't leave drinks or personal items unattended. 

- End the date early if uncomfortable. Ask the bartender/server for help if needed.

- Be cautious traveling to places with discriminatory laws. Research legal protections based on orientation. Consider toggling “Show Me” off if in unsafe areas.

Sexual Health & Consent

- Condoms properly used reduce STI risk but don't protect against all (e.g. HPV). Some STIs can be prevented by vaccination.

- Get tested regularly since many STIs show no symptoms. 

- Discuss sexual health and testing with partners before intimacy. In some places, knowingly transmitting an STI is a crime.

- Consent must be given for any sexual activity and can be withdrawn at any time. Do not proceed if your partner is uncomfortable, unsure, or incapacitated.

Get help/report incidents to Akisexpress and consider contacting resources like sexual assault hotlines, Planned Parenthood, trafficking hotlines, LGBTQ support lines, counseling services, and law enforcement if you ever feel unsafe.

LGBTQ+ Travel

  • Be cautious when traveling to places with laws discriminating against LGBTQ+ people.

  • Research the legal protections available based on sexual orientation in any new destination.

  • Consider toggling "Show Me on Akisexpress" off if traveling somewhere unsafe for LGBTQ+ individuals. We will hide your orientation until you leave that area.

  • Exercise extra caution connecting with new people in places known to entrap LGBTQ+ individuals. Some areas have laws criminalizing same-sex dating app communications.

  • Check local laws and consider donating to support research by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA).

Additional Tips

  • No risk reduction method is perfect - any negative experience is not your fault. Please seek help and report incidents.

  • If you ever feel in immediate danger, call emergency services.

  • See the additional international resources provided for those outside the US.

  • Consider utilizing the various hotlines, organizations, and services listed to get help, seek counseling, understand your legal options, find local service providers, and access other support after experiencing harassment, assault, abuse, or any form of violence.