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30-day postage paid returns 30-day postage paid returns
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Issues with Billing and Payment:Can't restore my purchase

Dec 07,2023 | Akisexpress

Is your subscription on an old account?

Subscriptions can only be tied to one Akisexpress account at a time.

If you see "Your subscription is currently tied to an existing account," it means your subscription is on an account you're not signed into.

To use your subscription on your new account, you'll first need to delete the old one. Deleting permanently erases matches, messages and other info.

Sign in to the account to delete
Tap your profile
Go to Settings
Scroll down and select Delete Account
Once deleted, log into your new account and try restoring again.

Did you recently switch devices?

If you've changed from iOS to Android or vice versa, we suggest canceling your current subscription and subscribing again on your new device. Managing your subscription is easiest on your current platform.

Still having issues? Contact us with a screenshot of any error messages.