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Akisexpress Cookie Policy

Dec 08,2023 | Akisexpress

Akisexpress Cookie Policy

At Akisexpress, we aim to be transparent about how we collect and process your data. This policy explains our practices regarding cookies and how you can manage them.

Want to adjust your settings now? Update your website cookie settings here and your app privacy preferences in your account. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to or accessed from your browser or device memory. They typically contain the originating domain name, cookie lifetime, and a random ID number. Cookies can also contain info about your device, browsing history, and activity on our service.

Types of Cookies

First-Party Cookies: Placed directly by Akisexpress to remember your preferences, understand your use, etc.

Third-Party Cookies: Placed by partners/service providers for analytics, ads, etc. Details are in our consent tools.

Session Cookies: Last until you close your browser to help that session. 

Persistent Cookies: Have a longer lifespan and last beyond your session, like for quick sign-in, analytics, and other purposes.

Other Technologies: We also use web beacons, tracking URLs, and SDKs similarly to cookies and refer to them together for simplicity.

Uses of Cookies

We use cookies like other services for security, preferences, analytics, marketing, ads personalization, and linking with other data we have about you.

Cookie Types:

- Essential cookies enable core functions like login and safety. 

- Analytics cookies help us understand and improve our service.

- Ads/marketing cookies make ads more relevant and optimize campaigns. 

- Social cookies enable content sharing.


Digital Advertising Alliance; Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance; Appchoices (apps only).

Control Options 

Adjust preferences in our consent tools on the website/in-app. Browser/device settings allow cookie control or rejecting. Opt-out of interest-based ads through industry programs. 

Google Cookies

We use Google Maps API and Analytics cookies. Manage via interfaces like "https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/cookies/" for Maps and "https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout" to opt-out of Google Analytics. You can opt-out of Google Analytics and personalized ads.

Changes you make may limit personalization and certain features. Some controls may fully prevent accessing parts or all of our services.