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Akisexpress Community Guidelines

Dec 08,2023 | Akisexpress

Akisexpress Community Guidelines

Welcome to Akisexpress!

Akisexpress is where meaningful connections happen. It starts with a swipe - sometimes you click, sometimes you don't. And sometimes talking leads to more. There are endless possibilities and opportunities here. All adults are welcome to explore respectfully.

These Guidelines set expectations for everyone's behavior, both on and off the app. Not following them can have consequences, from warnings to bans.

Akisexpress Rules:

Respect comfort levels, which vary. No public nudity, sexual content, desires, or seeking sex. These are okay privately if everyone consents.

Share thoughtfully. Don't publicly share personal info or contact details. Never share financial account info or passwords. Use caution when sending money. Don't ask others for their personal details.

No violent content depicting gore, death, graphic acts, weapons, or self-harm. We may assist with crisis resources if we believe there is risk of imminent harm.

Make personal connections, not business ones. No advertising, promoting social handles, selling, fundraising, or campaigning. No sex work or compensated relationships.

Be yourself, not a fake persona. Don't create false accounts or pretend to be someone else.

Communicate respectfully. Harassment, threats, bullying, intimidation, doxing, sextortion, blackmail or intentional harm is prohibited.

No hate based on identity. Racism, bigotry, hatred, or violence towards marginalized groups is unacceptable. Unmatch those you don't like rather than reporting without cause.

Lead with kindness, not harm. Any on or offline behavior intended to harm others physically or digitally is taken very seriously. This includes inciting harm. If you've been hurt, take care of yourself first. Then consider whether to report the harm to us so we can take action. We are here for you.

Must be 18+ to use Akisexpress. No unaccompanied or unclothed minor photos.

No illegal content or activities allowed, including buying/selling drugs, counterfeit goods, or breaking laws related to harming minors or human trafficking.

One account per person. Each account can only have one owner.

Post your own content. Don't share others' private content without consent. Don't post copyrighted or trademarked work.

Be an honest member. Don't abuse Akisexpress to spread false information, spam, manipulate, or unlawfully obtain money or anything else from others.

Stay active. Accounts inactive for 2+ years may be deleted. Log in periodically if you want to be seen.


Please speak up about any harmful, uncomfortable, or guideline-violating behavior you encounter. Your reports are confidential but help us take action, stop harm, and protect others.


We take upholding our Guidelines and their impact seriously. We have a warning system, but violations may result in termination without refund, especially if severe or repeated.

We reserve the right to investigate/terminate accounts if we find misuse of the service or actions violating the Guidelines or Terms of Use, including off-platform activities involving other members.