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Range of Enforcement Options

May 06,2024 | Akisexpress


We prioritize maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users on our APP controlled sex toy platform ("the Platform"). To uphold these standards, we employ a range of enforcement options targeting specific content, conversations, and user accounts.

Post-level Enforcement:

When specific posts violate our platform rules, we take action to address the issue. This may include:

  • Limiting post visibility to mitigate negative user experiences.
  • Requiring the removal of violating posts before allowing further user activity.
  • Labeling posts with misleading or disputed information to provide context and transparency.
  • Utilizing a public interest exception to allow certain posts to remain accessible despite rule violations.

Direct Message-level Enforcement:

In private message conversations, we address violations by:

  • Stopping conversations between violator and reporter accounts.
  • Placing violating messages behind notices to prevent further dissemination.

Account-level Enforcement:

For users who engage in repeated violations or severe policy breaches, we may take the following actions:

  • Suspending accounts to prevent further misuse of the platform.
  • Placing accounts in read-only mode to restrict posting privileges temporarily.
  • Verifying account ownership through additional authentication measures.

Actions against Non-Violating Content:

In addition to enforcement measures for rule violations, we also take steps to manage non-violating content, such as:

  • Placing sensitive media behind notices to provide warnings to users.
  • Withholding certain content based on age or geographical restrictions.
  • Complying with valid requests to withhold content or accounts in specific countries.

We are committed to fair and transparent enforcement practices, and our goal is to foster a positive and secure community for all users.