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Company History

Jan 08,2024 | Akisexpress

Foundational Milestones

Established on March 21, 2019, our company quickly became synonymous with high-quality, innovative solutions in the adult toy industry. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our significant growth and the solid reputation we have built among our business clients.

Strategic Growth Backed by Data

  • 2019: Launched into the industry with a mission-oriented facility spanning 500 square meters, setting the stage for industry leadership.
  • 2020: Implemented stringent quality control measures, resulting in a defect rate reduction to less than 0.5% industry-wide, a benchmark for excellence.
  • 2021: Catapulted export revenue to USD 2 million, showcasing a 150% growth from the previous year, driven by targeted product offerings and strategic market expansions.
  • 2022: Introduced 250 innovative products, directly informed by extensive market research and client feedback, enhancing our portfolio and catering to emerging market trends.

Global Reach and Industry Recognition

Our global footprint is substantial, with a diversified client base that relies on our customized solutions. Key achievements include:

  • A steady 30% export share to North America, 20% to Western Europe, and 15% to Eastern Europe.
  • Attainment of CE certification, reinforcing our commitment to global safety and quality standards.
  • Receipt of the prestigious "2023 Best Innovative Product" award, validating our industry leadership.

Client-Centric Solutions and Testimonials

We are not just a product provider; we are a solutions architect. From flexible OEM capabilities to responsive after-sales support, we are dedicated to solving our clients' unique challenges. This dedication is best expressed by our partner at XY Distribution: "Their innovative approach and customized solutions have consistently exceeded our expectations, making them a preferred partner in our business operations."



Visual Engagement and Future Communications

Recognizing the importance of visual data representation, we are committed to integrating visual aids such as infographics and performance dashboards in our upcoming communications to better illustrate our growth trajectory and operational efficiency.

Partnership Benefits and Client Returns

Our history is a testament to the tangible benefits we offer our partners. By collaborating with us, clients not only gain access to top-tier products but also enjoy enhanced market positioning, operational efficiencies, and a partnership that is deeply invested in mutual success.

Optimistic Outlook and Commitment to Excellence

Looking ahead, we see a future ripe with opportunities for innovation, expansion, and deepening client relationships. We are poised to continue delivering exceptional value, reinforcing the trust placed in us by our partners, and achieving collective success through a steadfast commitment to quality and performance.

Join us as we embrace the future, armed with a proven track record, a strategic vision, and a partnership-first philosophy that guarantees not just satisfaction, but also a competitive edge in the industry.